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Specific Purpose Representation Attorney in Waco, Texas

At Ryan Law, our goal is to help you protect your rights and interests. Family law issues can tear a family or a life apart. We’ve been there. And we’re here to help. But we know that hiring a lawyer can often be very expensive. You’ve heard of all these “do it yourself” forms on the internet – and you’re smart, why do you need a lawyer? Ryan Law also provides what we call “specific purpose representation” services instead of hiring us for the entirety of your legal case. The official legal term for these services is “Ad Hoc” which is Latin shorthand meaning "for this purpose only.”

Skilled Legal Counsel

With specific purpose representation, we charge a flat fee for specific services. Specific services we provide are listed below. If you don’t see a specific service listed, that doesn’t mean we don’t offer it, please call and ask. We are happy to talk for free to determine whether we can accommodate your needs.

  1. Review legal documents – such as a decree of divorce or final family law order,

  2. Representation in a child support review hearing in front of the Office of the Attorney General,

  3. Prepare a legal document or set of legal documents – such as paperwork for a divorce proceeding, or to prepare the final order based on an agreement between you and the other party.

  4. Name Change Filings

  5. Gender Change Filings

  6. Enforcement letters – if you have a court order and the other party isn’t following the terms of the order, we can prepare a letter to send to that party discussing enforcement of the court order.

  7. Registering an out of State Court Order.

We know at Ryan Law that “one size doesn’t fit all.” We can tailor our services based on what you need, and what you can afford.