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Family Law Appeals Attorney in Waco, Texas

A family law trial doesn’t always end in a desired outcome for you and your loved ones. When this happens, it’s natural to feel frustrated, especially if the result of your divorce or child custody case is nowhere near what you actually deserve. However, after a judge makes a legal ruling, you have options. There is an avenue to modify the outcome based on an examination of procedural methodology and the evidence presented.

Since 2008, Ryan Law has helped clients throughout Texas file appeals when they did not receive a favorable outcome in their family law trial. Set up a free initial consultation with Attorney Ryan to begin the appeals process and find a path forward for you and your family.

Understanding Family Law Appeals in Texas

When the family law judge issues a final order, one or both of the parties may be unhappy with the result and want to appeal. At this point, it’s important to work with a Family Law attorney who is Board Certified and capable of skillfully and compassionately handling any kind of appeal. Some specific family law issues that may be appealed include:

  • Child Custody Decisions

  • Parenting Plans

  • Alimony Awards

  • Child Support Calculations

  • Property Distribution Orders

  • Temporary Relief Orders

  • Domestic Violence Injunctions

Looking to Appeal a Decision?

The Appeals Process

The Texas Family Law Code provides a process for appealing, but the appeal must be based on specific objections to how the judge ruled. In other words, you cannot appeal a case only if you disagree with the outcome. You must be able to demonstrate that the judge failed to follow the law, or exceeded their discretion (acted unreasonably based on the evidence presented) when deciding your case. In general, a number of trial court errors may be brought to the attention of the appellate court:

  • The trial court erred by allowing, or not allowing, certain evidence to be presented.

  • The trial court made an error in its findings of fact.

  • The trial court interpreted the law incorrectly, leading to a flawed result.

  • Other errors of discretion occurred.

Keep in mind that an appeal is more than just the ‘next step’ in the case—it is a separate legal proceeding in a different court with different procedures and rules than those followed in the original trial. As your family law appeals attorney, Christie Ryan will review all of the relevant proceedings from the trial court, research the disputed issues, and strive to persuade the court of appeals to rule in your favor.

Why Hire an Appellate Attorney?

Appeals are not easy to prove, as many family law rulings are dependent on a number of complex factors. Additionally, if you are appealing a family law ruling in Waco or anywhere else in Texas, you need to meet several requirements for your case to be heard in the first place. A notice of appeal, for example, typically must be made within thirty days of the final judgment being signed by the judge. Because family law appeals are so challenging, you need to hire an experienced advocate to advise you at every stage of the process.

Attorney Christie Ryan has fought on the side of individuals and families in Texas for more than a decade. She is ready to analyze your case, gather the necessary evidence to pursue the appellate process, and help you regain the confidence and peace of mind you deserve. Set up a free initial consultation with Ryan Law in Waco today.

Family Law Appeals Attorney in Waco, Texas

An appeal should not be taken lightly. When so much is on the line for you and your family, trust a Board Certified professional. Attorney Christie Ryan is proud to serve clients in Hillsboro, Clifton, Meridian, Gatesville, and the rest of central Texas from her office in Waco.