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Collaborative Law Attorney in Waco, Texas

Divorce is a time of tremendous change for you and your family. This change doesn’t always have to be contentious, though. For couples who worry about the effect of a combative divorce on their children, and who wish to show respect to each other instead of fighting tooth and nail in the courtroom, a collaborative divorce could be the answer.

When so much is changing around you, it’s important to find an attorney who can help you and your family restructure your lives and start a new chapter. Since 2008, Attorney Christie Ryan has offered compassionate counsel and accessible advocacy for families in Hillsboro, Clifton, Meridian, Gatesville, and the rest of Texas. Set up a free initial appointment in Waco to learn how a collaborative approach to divorce can benefit you and your children.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is when a couple decides to work out their divorce outside of court. They agree to retain an attorney trained in collaborative law, and work toward agreement on all matters, including asset division, spousal support, and child custody.

In a traditional divorce, each party’s attorney fights to get the best result for their individual client. A collaborative divorce attorney, on the other hand, acts more as a guide and facilitator for the couple. Although the final agreement reached in the collaborative process must be approved by the court, it is a far more customized arrangement, one that is unique to the couple and their family. To help you reach a fair outcome, a collaborative divorce attorney works with other specialists who can assist in the divorce process, including financial experts, mental health specialists, and other professionals.

Find Your Path Forward

Benefits of a Collaborative Approach

Collaborative divorce allows Texas families to find a path forward through incredibly frustrating times. Occasionally, taking your divorce to court is unavoidable, but it’s always worth considering the benefits of a more collaborative approach:

  • Avoid contentious, public court battles. A divorce can take an emotional toll on you and your loved ones. Resolving things outside of the courtroom may not eliminate the stress of a separation entirely, but it can help you, your family, and your children move forward with peace of mind.

  • Gain more control. In a collaborative divorce, you and your spouse are in the driver’s seat. Although your attorney helps you negotiate, you communicate directly with one another to come to a mutually beneficial resolution.

  • Spend less money. You’ll hire one lawyer who facilitates the divorce process, instead of two lawyers who are pitted against one another in court.

  • Save time. Everyone is working toward the same goal in a collaborative divorce. This saves time that would have otherwise been wasted in lengthy litigation.

  • Receive comprehensive care. Attorney Ryan draws on her professional connections in Waco to help you and your family with a wide range of divorce concerns.

If you’re thinking about getting a divorce, have filed for divorce, or have been served divorce papers, it’s important to know your options. Schedule a free initial consultation with Ryan Law in Waco to begin exploring the possibility of a collaborative divorce.

When is a Collaborative Approach a Good Choice?

Collaborative divorce can be an effective, efficient option for families in Waco and throughout Central Texas. Make sure the following qualifications are met before deciding to start the mediation process:

  • Both parties prefer to keep things out of court.

  • Both parties see the benefit of working with specialists (child therapists, financial planners, and others).

  • There is a general balance of power (no controlling behavior or abuse).

  • Both parties are able to demonstrate respect through the process.

Ultimately, you deserve a collaborative lawyer passionate about helping Texans work out their problems civilly. Get in touch with Christie Ryan to start moving forward.

Collaborative Law Attorney in Waco, Texas

When you wish to avoid contentious court battles and gain more control over your separation, Ryan Law can help you explore the possibility of collaborative divorce. For more than a decade, Christie Ryan has helped families come to amicable resolutions in Waco, Hillsboro, Clifton, Meridian, Gatesville, and the rest of Texas. Set up an initial consultation today.