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About the Firm

Ryan Law is a specialty family law firm serving Central Texas. We base our practice on three tenants –we will always provide experienced, specialized, and personal legal services.


The firm was founded by Christie Ryan, an attorney of over a decade, Board Certified in Family Law, who considers the courtroom her second home. Christie has litigated hundreds of cases, including jury trials and appellate arguments. It is out of this litigation experience, and her personal life as a child of divorced parents, that Ryan Law was created. Litigation and courtroom battles are necessary in some cases, but litigation comes with a price. Going into the courtroom can tear apart families, relationships, and drain resources. Ryan Law wholeheartedly believes in mediation, agreements, and collaborative law, all of which are “out of the courtroom” methods to resolve legal issues while preserving our client’s financial resources, the relationship between the parties, and peace of mind.

Beyond the experience of Christie Ryan, each member of Ryan Law has personal, lived-through experience in the family law arena. We are all parents. We are spouses. We know, from personal experience, that family law issues create some of the most emotional and life upending times. We treat each client and case as if it were our own family and case because we have the experience of walking in your shoes.


Christie Ryan has spent most of her career in family law and is one of a few attorneys in Waco, Texas who is Board Certified in Family Law through the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.


We know that our clients are going through a very difficult time and because of this, we treat our clients like friends and family. We know that each case we have is unique and will require its own personalized response and solution. The members of Ryan Law are available through email, text, and phone calls, and not just during Monday-Friday. Because we have personally lived through family law issues, we know that situations don’t just arise during working hours.